With Respect to Overall Performance of The TWI Learning Partnership:

Dan Shepard

"Don brings a wealth of excellent knowledge to bear on a topic that is obviously a passion for him. This passion and expertise helped immensely in coaching the first Job Instruction trainers at [our company], and we've been able to build a strong foundation for both standardized work and continuous improvement because of the complete solution he provided for us."

Service Category: Business Consultant

Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)


"Don is a world-class, dedicated expert in Training Within Industry (TWI) methods.  Don helped build up expertise within the IBM Semiconductor Group to the point where TWI Trainers became self-sufficient and TWI became the standard business method for building and delivering Structured On-The-Job Training within not only highly technical operations, but also in complex back-office support units.  He is a talented engineer who relates well to technical audiences.

Any organization that is even beginning to contemplate process improvement or Lean inititives should be adding TWI methods and getting Don's help.  The only way an organization can sustain the gain for long term of any significant change is to have a robust training method in place to keep theh knowledge and skills alive to workers on the floor."

Service Category: TWI Training Provider

Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)


“In 2005, the lean transformation efforts at IBM semiconductor plant in Essex Junction Vermont were just beginning. It was our good fortune to use Don as our TWI Sensei. One of the biggest issues was fab stability. Don taught many Trainers to use TWI as a tool to implement standard work for operator and maintenance variation. He also was instrumental in linking TWI to problem solving. Thanks to Don's work, TWI is today a cornerstone of the plant’s training program and the lean continuous improvement system. Don understands how lean works as a system and how TWI is the foundation of lean…. most people see TWI as just tools. Without a doubt, Don’s efforts and teaching has made a significant impact to the plant’s Lean Journey!” July 2, 2009

Don's Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity, Good Value, & On Time.

Bryan Lund

“Don worked with international companies during the 2005 calendar year in the effort to reintroduce Training Within Industry to the workforce. The result for us is that we have a much more holistic philosophy of Lean organizations, but with simple, practical methods that anyone can use. Don is not only passionate about TWI, but demonstrates profound knowledge of how TWI is connected with the roots of the Toyota Production System. I highly recommend Don Dinero for your TWI consulting needs” October 25, 2009

"Dear Don,

I wanted to let you know how we were using the Job Instruction and Job Methods Training you delivered in January.  Although it has been only a couple of months, the training is already paying off.  We’ve been on our Lean journey for only a relatively short time, but if I had it to do over again, I would definitely start with the TWI programs. They’re simple, the employees are receptive to them and it gets the employees involved in our Lean activities.  Perhaps that’s because they make the Lean concepts easier to understand."

Don's Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, & High Integrity.

With Respect to Job Instruction Training:

  • "This opened my eyes on how to teach and how to be taught."
  • "Don did an excellent job with his presentation."
  • "Enjoyed the class very much. Looking forward to applying this in the lab."
  • "Everything that was said makes sense and I feel everybody would benefit from knowing this stuff."
  • "There are a lot of different ways in this plant that we train and not all are good! This will really make a big difference."
  • "Being taught the correct way really does make training others a lot easier."
  • "I enjoyed having Don Dinero giving the Job Instruction Training to me and my class. He is by far the best instructor that I have had! Don’s great at doing the training."
  • "This training was very well done. He made it very easy to learn. I’m excited to see the results of this at [our company]!"
  • "[JIT is] value added – understanding the trainee – teaches patience and logical progression."
  • "Wish I had it [JIT] years ago!"
  • "Everything presented [in JIT] would help in any area of the company."
  • "Everyone should be exposed to the “way of thinking”!"
  • "[JIT] would make the company run better as a whole."
  • "The visual of doing the job instruction really helps with understanding the process."
  • "I am excited about implementing this training and knowledge throughout our company." 
  • "I liked Don’s stories."
  • "[I liked] the hands-on training; the idea of go & see; go & do."
  • "Great job Don. You went above and beyond my expectations."
  • "I think everyone needs to learn how to train this way because it’s so effective."
  • "[I think JIT is a ] great way to help the company and the people within the industry to expand (growth)."
  • "Good job. Best class I ever had!"