Book Description:

Training Within Industry, by Donald Dinero, explores a crucial piece of a Lean initiative that has been overlooked throughout U.S. industry.  The Traininig Within Industry (TWI) program - developed by the United States during World War II - has been used  by Toyota for decades!  This powerful program standardizes training processes and assists front-line supervisors in teaching new operations to workers quickly and effectively.

Unique and Compelling Features and Benefits:

  • Provides a key to successfully implementing Lean Thinking;
  • Provides basic knowledge without any non-value added material;
  • Applies to all positions in all industries;
  • Time tested - has been used for over sixty years and is still successful


Book Reviews For Training Within Industry - The Foundation of Lean:

From the blog - Project Manager Training

"This is a great book.  As a history buff it has something for you, as the author does a great job of uncovering the creation and evolution of the TWI Program - developed by government and industry in the United States during WWII.  As a lean manufacturing leader, the author also does a great service by explaining TWI - particularly the 3 "J" prorgams and how they can benefit industry today.  The CD is nice, only wish it had the fill TWI book text, not just the bulletins.  That's the only thing keeping it from 5 stars."

-Tim DelVecchio


"Dinero completely explores the history and application of the four modules that compose TWI: Job Instruction Training-in which employees are trained to perform their tasks as quickly as they are capable with minimum waste; Job Methods - in which employees are taught how to improve their processes using existing resources; Job Relations - in which personnel problems are solved in an analytical, non-emotional manner so that employees are focused on a stated objective; and Program Development - in which robust training plans are developed to meet the parfticular needs of a specific plant.

Readers of Training Within Industry will see that stanardized work imparts measurable continuous improvement because it sets a baseline.  It established a framework for efficiency and innovation.

In addition, the book includes a CD containing the text of original TWI bulletins issued by the U.S. government in the 1940's."

October 5, 2009


"Don is one of a small group of individuals that began to research TWI about a decade ago. His book has essentially taken the summary of the TWI effort that was compiled into "The TWI Report" (by the staff of the TWI Service shortly before closing their doors in 1945) and updated it with additions on how to use the programs. You essentally get a short course in each of the programs without having to attend the 10-hour sessions.
This book is highly recommended to any management person that is considering applying. TWI programs is the foundation to prepare for an effective lean program.
I think that he does not stress enough that these are the same programs that Taiichi Ohno used to build the Toyota Production System. After reading this material it becomes a bit more obvious why so many companies fail in their lean efforts - they did not start with the basics, TWI."

- Mark Warren


"Marvelous concept to train people! This is a good book that worth to spend time to read for site managers, supply chain directors who are wondering to build skilled team or retain skilled people through reskilling. TWI is the right way that is clearly illustrated in the book. TWI is powerful to development people to form team in manufacturing organisation that lack of enough skill people to fit the growing business needs. It is also the foundation of starting Lean in firm."

- Roger Yan Guoliang "Lean Zeal"  (Shanghai, China) 4 of 5 stars - April 20, 2008