Articles of Interest

A Passionate Organization - The Competitive Edge A Power Point slide show presented at the April 2001 Conference of the International Society of Performance Improvement. Written and presented by Donald A. Dinero.

The Productivity Revolution Is Coming! A paper offered at the April 2000 Conference of the International Society of Performance Improvement. Written by Donald A. Dinero and presented as a poster presentation.

What Do You Mean When You Say "Add Value"? A paper which discusses and defines the term "Add Value". Written by Donald A. Dinero.

Lean Thinking On The Highway A paper which describes how a highway foreman working for the NYS Transportation Department used Lean Techniques to drastically save time and money while improving safety on a highway paving project. Written by Donald A. Dinero.

Why TWI? Is it necessary to use the TWI programs in my organization? Yes, if you want your organization to be as successful as it can be. Will the TWI programs solve all my problems? No, nothing will do that; but they are necessary to successfully compete in any competitive industry. 

TWI - The Missing Link in Lean Manufacturing A paper which led to the book Training Within Industry - The Foundation of Lean. It was delivered at an IIE Lean Solutions conference; written & presented by Donald A. Dinero.

TWI's Role in the 21st Century A paper explaining why the TWI programs are universally accepted and timeless and why they therefore are required now more than ever before. Includes an example of what makes Job Instruction Training different from any other training.

Spanning The Functional Divide Both "hard or technical" skills (Lean Thinking, Six Sigma) and "soft" skills (OD, HR Development) are required to implement and sustain improvements.

Sustaining the TWI Programs The fundamental skills they deliver are required and should be used by everyone in every position of every organization.